Day of Ceremony


*****Line Up:

Please plan your transportation accordingly, the construction to and from the campus may cause delays.  The construction on Kamehameha Highway will cease at 2pm but please plan to leave earlier than usual. 

Please arrive at 4pm and check in at the bottom of the round staircase in front of the Learning Commons (You will check in according to LAST name and you will receive a card that indicates your phonetic spelling and program)

You will line up by the program/major/community you choose to represent as listed below:

Ke Ala `Ike Scholars, Liberal Arts, Accounting, Automotive Technology, Business Technology, Culinary Arts, Digital Media, Hawaiian Studies, Health Information Technology, Information and Computer Science, Management, Natural Science, Plant Biology and Tropical Agriculture, Substance Abuse Counseling, Teacher Education, TV Production, and Leeward CC Wai`anae

o    There will be signs on the rockwall downstairs that you will line up against

o    Counselors will assist in lining you up alphabetically by programs

Announcer Cards:

Your announcer cards that you will pick up at check in will include information from the RSVP site in the following order and will be announced when you walk across the stage:


Full Name

Phonetic Spelling if you indicated one or your preferred name



Audience Seating

Audience seating is on a first come first serve basis, so we recommend your family arrive between 4:00-4:30pm.  THIS IS A NON TICKETED CEREMONY.  There are 1100 seats available.

Family Meeting Area after the Ceremony:

Graduates will be the first to exit the ceremony area and the guests will be asked to stay seated until all graduates are out of the area.  You will meet with your families according to the following:


  • Last names A-L: Meet in Lion Courtyard
  • Last names M-Z: Meet in Theater Courtyard
  • Subject to change


You will be exiting once the Parade Marshals direct you towards the `Ewa side of the stage.  The Diamond Head side of your rows will be blocked off.  This makes it easier for you to separate into your respective courtyards to meet your families/friends.

Disabled Shuttle Service: There are only three seats on the golf cart so your family member may need to wait for the shuttles.  Shuttles are only for the elderly and physically challenged.

  1.  4:00pm-5:30pm
    1. Pick up under the PV Panels in the PS Parking Lot
    2. You may also drop off your family/friends who would like to utilize the shuttles in the Children’s Center Parking Lot.  This is a drop off spot only, no parking is available.
    3. For wheelchairs we recommend that they get dropped off under the PV Panels in the PS parking lot and go down the Learning Commons Elevator
  2. 7:00-8:00pm
  3. Pick up at the side of the Campus Center Building by the Men’s Restroom à Children’s Center Parking Lot  
  4. Second floor Learning Commons Elevator à PS Parking Lot
  5. Please see the attached map for locations and routes


  • There is NO rehearsal, all the information is in this email and Counselors will be sharing this information with you when they line you up before the Ceremony. 


  • Commencement Ceremony Programs will be given to you as you line up


  • Your tassels should be placed on the RIGHT and will move to the LEFT at the closing of the ceremony


  • STREAMING: Do you have family and friends who are not able to attend the Ceremony? They can watch it at home!  Send your family and friends the below link so they can watch you walk across the stage!  Site will be live on Friday, May 11th at 5pm


  • Share the pride: #LeewardGrad18


  • Our hot dog vendor and clubs will be selling food at the Concourse starting at 3pm on Commencement Ceremony Day.  Subject to change.


  • You do NOT receive your diplomas on Friday night. You will receive your diploma/certificates in the mail from Admissions and Records in 16 weeks.


  • If you are late please see Heather who will be by the Learning Commons elevator, first floor.