Day of Celebration


subject to change


Entering the campus: 

  • Graduate vehicles enter Gate 4, the last parking lot before the RAIL Station.
  • HPD will check that all vehicle requirements and safety precautions outlined in our guidelines will be adhered to.  HPD will turn away any vehicle not abiding by the guidelines. 




  • Student Life staff will check in 2 cars at a time and will hand your announcer card and Graduate Mask through your passenger window.  
  • Your announcer card is created through the RSVP website.  Please be sure to RSVP here
  • In your vehicle, you will circle Mask On or Mask Off. If you would like to take your photo with the Administrator with your mask off, please circle "mask off." If you want your photo with your mask on, please circle "mask on."
  • Please have your ID ready (Student ID, license, etc) to expedite the check in process
  • Please have your LumiSight UH app completed to expedite the process


After Check-In: 

  • Stay in line and remember to keep a one vehicle distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. 
  • All vehicles will snake through the parking lots to avoid traffic build up on Ala ʻIke. 
  • All vehicles will follow the line towards the stages.
  • Only two vehicles at a time will be allowed in the “stage area” to protect the safety of our graduates getting out of their vehicles. Please wait for our Staff to escort you to your stage. 



  • Graduates must be a passenger sitting on the right side of the vehicle. 
  • Bring your Announcer card and wear your Graduate mask, provided at Check-In. 
  • Sanitize your hands at the stage.
  • You will be handed a diploma folder on stage to hold for the photo and to keep.
  • PictureMan of Hawaiʻi will take one photo with a mask on with the Administrator and then a solo photo with your mask off.
  • Family/friends can take photos from the vehicle after PictureMan of Hawaiʻi steps aside for 20 seconds. You will be handed a kukui nut lei when you exit the stage.
  • Please safely return to your vehicle and exit to the right of the parking lot.



The ceremony will be streamed live on our virtual website.


Faculty/Staff/Non Graduate Students Parking

Parking Lot 1 and lower lot will be the only parking lot available for parking.



Bus Access: 

Bus 73 will continue to drop off and pick up on Kamehameha Highway all day. 

The last Bus 73 drop off will be at 8:10am and pick up at 8:15am.  After The Bus will only drop off/pick up on Kamehameha Highway.