Before Ceremony Information


Cap and Gown:

Sold at the Bookstore starting April 2nd

Bookstore hours: M-F from 8am – 3:30pm

Bookstore extended hours: May 9th and May 11th until 5pm.

Cap/gowns can be purchased online for shipping rate of $8.

Cap and gown: $42

Tassel only: $8

Cap only: $14


2017 Tassels are available upon request at the Bookstore.


Phi Theta Kappa:

Phi Theta Kappa stoles and cords: Contact Phi Theta Kappa Advisor

Michael Bauer at


Honors Program:

Please contact Jayne Bopp: or

Michael Oishi:

Hoods sold at the Bookstore:  $19.50

Honors Program hoods are only available to students accepted into the Leeward CC Honors Program.


Phi Beta Lambda

Phi Beta Lambda cords please contact

Warren Kawano:

Only approved hoods, stoles, and tassels are allowed at the Ceremony. Please check for a listing of the approved regalia.


Commencement Ceremony Announcements:

Sold at the Bookstore for $0.50 each.


All prices are subject to change.


Financial obligations do not prevent students from submitting their degree/certificate applications or from participating in the Ceremony. If the financial obligations are not cleared once diplomas come in, then A&R will not release the diploma until the obligation is cleared.