Bulletin Board Posting


The Student Life Office seeks to provide the campus and community with an avenue to reach out to Leeward CC students, faculty, and staff. Posting information on campus bulletin boards is one of the vital forms of communication on campus. Posting is allowed under the following regulations that are intended to ensure maximum opportunities for information dissemination and to minimize damage to campus facilities, littering, and posting of unauthorized material.

There are separate guidelines for Leeward CC campus groups (registered student organizations and campus divisions and units) and off-campus affiliates and groups.
If any of the below guidelines are violated the student organization, division or unit will be given a onetime warning. The second offense will result in a one month probation period for posting.

There are five (5) bulletin boards dedicated solely to Student Life and Student Government for easy accessibility regarding updated Student Government information and updated activities for students. This will also include funding approvals for student organizations and campus divisions.

1. The Student Government bulletin board outside of the Student Government Office contains information regarding approved minutes and upcoming events.

2. Information regarding IM LeeSports will be showcased in the encased bulletin board outside of the Dean of Student Services Office.

3. The Student Life bulletin board outside of AD-223B is updated with semester events and announcements.

4.  The enclosed board outside of the Administrative Services buildling next to the vending machine is for Commencement Ceremony updates.

5. The enclosed board outside of the Human Resources office is for New Student Orientation Updates.

Leeward CC Campus Groups Guidelines:

  1. All flyers must be emailed to leewardstudentlife-L@lists.hawaii.edu
    1. All flyers will also be considered for inclusion on the Campus Digital Signage System.
  2. Only one flyer can be posted on each campus bulletin board
  3. Maximum Flyer Size: 8’’ x 14’’
  4. Maximum days of posting: 30 days from Student Life approval date
  5. Flyers must be removed three days after the event

Posting Process:

  1. Flyer must be emailed to leewardstudentlife-L@lists.hawaii.edu
  2. Student Life staff will verify that your content is relevant to the students and the campus and will send an email approving your flyer. (STAMP IS NOT NEEDED)
  3. The Student Life Office only approves flyers and do not post them.

Off Campus Affiliates and Groups: Includes flyers not related to any campus student organization, division or unit. This may include but is not limited to: community information, sale advertisements, event information, and housing advertisements.
General Guidelines and Process:

  1. All flyers must be TYPED and brought into the Student Life Office, AD-223B for approval
  2. An approval stamp must be given in the lower right hand corner of all flyers in order to post. (Suggestion: Bring in one flyer and make copies with approval stamp)
  3. Only one flyer can be posted on each campus bulletin board
  5. Flyer Size: Sales & Housing: 8.5” x 11” or smaller
  6. All Others: Maximum Flyer Size: 11’’ x 17’’
  7. Maximum days of posting: 30 days after the date of approval stamp
  8. Flyers must be removed three days after the event



  • Confidential and sensitive information only
  • Can include but not limited to the following type of posting:
    • STD Testing
    • Domestic/Sexual Violence Resources
    • Homeless Shelter Resources
    • Student Support Group Information such as Reaching Out or Gay Straight Alliance
    • Suicide Hotline Resources

Approval Process:

  • All flyers must be stamped and posted by the Student Life Office
  • Flyers will be posted for a maximum of 60 days, unless otherwise specified
  • Approval is at the discretion of the Student Life Office

Specific Guidelines by Category:

Job Opportunities Job Prep Services maintains two bulletin boards designated for off campus employment ads. These boards are located outside their office at AD-221. The Human Resources Office maintains the on campus and State of Hawai’i employment opportunities boards located on the first floor of the Administration building.

To post job opportunities please contact:
Off-campus jobs - Job Prep Services: 455-0240
On-campus or State of Hawai‘i jobs - Human Resources Office: 455-0326

Job opportunity advertisement can ONLY be displayed on these designated bulletin boards.


  • One bulletin board is designated for sales and housing opportunities:
    • PS 207

Sales Advertisement: Sales of personal items between campus constituents can be both beneficial and convenient. The Student Life Office assumes no responsibility for the meeting and/or transaction between buyer and seller.

Advertisements from sellers must reveal:

  • Item Description
  • Price or OBO
  • Both contact name and contact information. Buyers should assume caveat emptor (“Buyer Beware”) principles in researching the sale, meeting the seller, and transacting the sale.

Housing Advertisements: Leeward Community College is a commuter campus, and The Student Life Office provides bulletin boards as a system for publicity between tenants and landlords. Leeward Community College neither screens nor previews any housing opportunities. Renters and landlords should use their own discretion in determining tenant suitability.
Housing ads should state, at minimum:

  • Address of the property
  • Landlord/rental manager’s name and contact information
  • Amount of rent
  • Number of rooms, bathrooms, and parking
  • Utilities and amenities, if applicable

The Student Life Office will not approve housing advertisements which discriminate against a renter based upon ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender, and age.
For more housing opportunities please check:



Non-Acceptable Postings The Student Life Office will not approve the following:

  • Flyers which convey inflammatory language or obscene graphics
  • Income opportunity advertisements
  • Housing advertisements which discriminate against a renter based upon ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and age.

The Student Life staff reserves the right to remove approved flyers at their discretion.