Aloha Students!

Aloha Students of Leeward! Welcome back to another exciting semester of college. Hope you all had a great summer! To all those students who took summer classes, we give you kudos for hanging in there. Hopefully by now you were able to enjoy the rest of your break and are ready for the fall semester. We enjoyed our break as well, but now it’s time to refocus on what’s important, serving and representing the students here at Leeward. Our break was good, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. Over the break, we had a series of meetings and trainings to refine the way we serve and represent you. We had a great crew of representatives last semester, but this fall we have a pretty new group with only a few senators that returned so it’ll be interesting to see how well we work together. Stop by our office! It's located at CC 205 next to the Lounge. We'll try our best to be available as much as possible, but if we're not please fill out a comment card next to the door. If you write down a concern, we suggest you leave your contact info (i.e. email address) so we can update you on how we'll address the issue. We're also in charge of the ping-pong table that's in the lounge so if anyone wishes to play, you have to stop by our office. In case you don't have any equipment for playing, we have some in the office that we're happy to loan to you for a $5.00 deposit. Once you've finished, bring back the equipment, and you'll get your $5.00 back. While you're by our office, please check our minutes on the bulletin board right outside our door. It has all the information we covered in our weekly meetings so you can stay in the loop. Well that's all for now! Feel free to say "Hi" to if you see any of us around school. Remember, we're students just like you. Mahalo!