Registration Guidelines



Any group of six (6) or more students currently enrolled at Leeward CC with a common educational, civic, social, cultural or recreational interest.  RISOs are important to creating a robust and active sudent life on campus.  Your RISO fulfills a niche for our students!


It is through registration as an indepedent student organization that your group is recognized by Leeward Community College. This permits your group to reserve facilities, raise funds, apply for campus funding, receive services from the Student Life Office and other campus departments. Registration expires June 30 each year.


There are guidelines and requirements for registering your RISO that are detailed in the RISO Handbook located here:

RISO Handbook

Basic criteria includes:

  1. Complete the RISO Registration form with the following information:
    1. List of the six (6) Leeward CC currently enrolled student members of the RISO, their e-mail addresses, and their telephone numbers.
    2. Submit a current Constitution and By-Laws
    3. List your financial institution.
  2. RISOs (any representative) must attend an annual RISO Orientation. Contact Lexer Chou,
  3. All RISOs must have an Advisor who is a Leeward CC Faculty or Staff
  4. All RISO Advisors must attend an annual Campus Security Authority (CSA) Training. Contact Lexer Chou,


RISOs must have an advisor. An advisor can be a valuable source of information and continuity for the group, and MUST be a Leeward CC staff or faculty member. Advisors must sign the Advisor Agreement Form that can be found here

Advisors May:
Provide information/advice to the group; participate in orienting and training new members and officers; attend group meetings; and participate in discussions, and reserve campus facilities.

Advisors May Not:
Select members (but may participate in selection discussion); determine or direct the group’s programs, goals, performances; control group’s finances; vote; hold office; or represent the group to the University or community.

B&F Training

If clubs want to request funding from B&F for future events please complete the 20 min training beforehand.