Register your Independent Student Organization



Registered Independent Student Organizations, or otherwise known as RISO's are valuable to our students' college experience.  Detailed information about being a RISO is outlined in the handbook that can be referenced here:

RISO Handbook

IF YOU ARE A CONTINUING RISO, you were registered for Spring 2020, then please CLICK ON THIS LINK

  • By re-registering your RISO, you do not need to attend any other meetings, unless specified via email by the Student Life Coordinator
  • If you have a new Advisor then the Advisor will need to attend the CSA training below.  Current Advisors: TBD if you need to attend another training or complete an online version.  Will be updated via email.
  • The Student Life Coordinator will email you your confirmation or your next steps.


Please click on the link to register your RISO IF YOU ARE A NEW RISO: RISO Registration Form

Once your RISO completes all the requirements then the Student Life Coordinator will email you the RISO Registration Confirmation.  Registration requirements are:

  1. Complete the RISO Registration Form with all the required fields completed.  As a reminder the new changes include:
    1. Submitting a constitution and by-laws
    2. Listing the six students that are part of the initial registration
    3. Listing the RISO Advisor information
  2. Advisor must attend the Mandatory CSA (Clery Act) Training.  If you would like to be an Advisor and have not been trained please email David Nisthal, to RSVP for the next training.  Next training: TBD, email David if you are interested.
  3. Mandatory RISO Orientation Meeting:
    Anyone from the RISO can attend the meeting, does NOT have to be an Advisor (recommended, but not mandatory).  Please email Lexer Chou, for a meeting.  You must attend a meeting before you can be registered.