Mission Statement


We, the ASUH Leeward Community College, advocate and strive to represent the student body with leadership, honesty, and integrity while providing a positive learning experience and promoting active participation from student and the community.

ASUH's kuleana for 2023-2024 is to kōkua and mālama our students through innovative collaborations that lead to educational and personal success, with aloha.

ʻO ke kuleana o ka ʻAha Haumāna o ke Kula Nui o Hawaiʻi ma Leeward no kēia makahiki, ʻo ia ke kōkua ʻana a me ka mālama ʻana i nā haumāna ma o nā hui e alu noʻeau ka noʻonoʻo no ke alakaʻi ʻana i nā ala hele maikaʻi i ka hoʻonaʻauao a me nā ʻiʻini ponoʻī, me ke aloha.

ASUH represents the students on these campus committees



Marketing/Public Relations for SG

Flyers, Tabling, FB, Instagram (In House)

  • In charge of any communications through SG social Medias

Budget & Finance

Treasurerʻs Committee

Focuses on properly allocating funding to student organizations and campus departments 

Academic Grievance

Meets as needed. Regarding academic grievances between students and faculty (Vote)

  • this needs two reps 


Meets once a month, Communication on-campus/ Ka Mana’o.  Allocate student fees. (Vote)

Campus Accessibility Team (ADA)

Meets every other week, (TBD)

 projects that need to take on.

Makes sure that physical & virtual space is accessible to ALL Students and up to ADA code for Puʻuloa & Waiʻanae Moku 

Campus Beautification

Meetings to be determined. 

Campus Council

(Governing Body)

Meets like three times a semester.

 (Generally, the president is in attendance).  Cross campus committee with admin, faculty, staff, Wai`anae.  (Vote)

Commencement Ceremony

Meets once a month in the Spring.  Policies about the Ceremony.  One SG Member Seat


Faculty Senate

(Governing Body)

Meets once a month. Faculty decision-makers where SG can gain insight on future campus policies.  (No vote)

General Learning Outcome Committee 

The committee that assists determining if the institution is teaching the GLO, set for the curriculums and students are learning it during their time at Leeward 

Innovation Center for Teaching and Learning (ICTL)  Advisory Board 

ICTL Advisory Board meets to present ideas on what they feel the student body would like to see in terms of innovative practices or professional development for Leeward's faculty and staff.  

Interstate Passport 

A passport that allows students to transfer to non-UH schools especially in the Mainland 

Student rep. Meets or receives emails from Jim Goodman to share with SG.

IT Standing Committee

Meets as needed regarding the IT needs of the campus. Vote. 

More Info: https://sites.google.com/a/hawaii.edu/itsc/

Love Pono

Meets once a month to discuss DVAC awareness for the campus.  (vote)


Meets once a month 

Meets Once a Month Spring: Talk about making sure $0 textbooks are more accessible to students and staff to have that option

Pūkoʻa No 

 Nā ʻEwa Council

(Governing Body)

an advisory body of Leeward Community College concerning issues pertaining to Hawaiian language, culture, and history, and other matters as they impact Native Hawaiians and Native Hawaiian programs. A.K.A: Nā ʻEwa Council


Meets once a month. During spring it’s every other week. How to keep Leeward sustainable. (Vote)

Student Conduct

Meets as needed. Judicial concerns. (i.e.: stealing)


Unsatisfactory Academic Progress.  (Vote)

This committee doesn’t exist anymore b/c we created a new policy but we will have another committee that will look at graduation requirements

UH CC Strategic Planning

Twice a semester. Meets with John Morton to discuss how cc’s can work together efficiently

UH Student Caucus

Meets once a month (Saturday). 2 delegates, 1 alternate. System-wide.  Provides support to the UH President in policies/system guidelines. (Vote)

Wellness Committee

Campus Committee that integrates wellness activities and workshops for faculty. Staff, students. Vote. 

Wai`anae Moku Task Force: Renovation 

Task force to discuss the new renovations for the next phase of the building 

Wai`anae Senator Committee:  SSRT


WIG Design team 

The committee that discusses how we can improve on our campus goal of keeping the students we have