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College Bash

Held on the 2nd Wednesday of Fall semester

10:00am- 2pm

Tuthill Courtyard

A FREE event for ALL Leeward CC students

(subject to change) 

Student Fees

Student Fees and How to Get Involved

Did you know that included in your tuition fee are student activity fees, health center fees, and Board of Student Communication fees?  So get involved and utilize your fees by checking out the health center, talking to the Senators, and attending the free events.

Student Activity Fee: Student Activity fee $0.44 added to 1st credit

each additional credit is $0.44 = Max of $4.40

  • These fees are governed by the Student Activities Board (SAB) to provide events on campus and virtually. 
  • Attend events and take advantage!
  • Tell  Student Activities Board what you feel we should have on campus with these fees.  Events include poetry slams, live entertainment, crafts, fitness days, and much more!
  • Do you want to get involved? Check out the website or contact Lexer Chou for dates, for more information.

Student Government Fee: $0.81 added to the first credit 

each additional credit is $0.81 = Max of $8.10

The new Student Government Fee is a percentage of the Student Activity Fee that allows for Student Government to advocate for ALL of our student needs, regardless of the mode of instruction. This fee also supports for campus events hosted by divisions and clubs and assists with some operational expenses to create student life on campus.  This fee also supports your abilitty to receive one free Student ID Card.  The fee amount has not increased from the $1.25 per credit, it is just now split between two organizations that serve two different purposes. 

Health Center Fees: $15 added to the first credit

  • Located in AD 223
  • Take advantage of their services and if you already have health insurance please bring your information with you

Board of Student Communications Fee: $5.00 added to the first credit

  • These fees are governed by a faculty, staff, and student committee to increase student awareness on campus through different communication systems that may include but is not limited to digital signage, bulletin boards, and the student run magazine, Ka Mana'o.
  • Are you a writer, journalist, photographer, or graphic designer? Do you want hands on experience publishing a magazine?
  • Ka Mana’o, the student magazine, needs YOU!  Contact Stanley Lee, for more information.

UH Athletics

Leeward CC students! You can purchase UH Athletics tickets at the UH Manoa website for more information:

Student discounts are no longer offered to UH community college students as of Fall 2010. For more information regarding this change please contact the UH Manoa Athletics Department.