Funding Process


What is the Budget and Finance Committee (B&F)?

The Budget and Finance Committee is a sub-committee of the ASUH-Leeward CC.  This committee focuses on properly allocating funding to RISOs and campus departments in co-sponsoring their events/programs.


  • $5,000/semester will be allocated to the B&F Committee to distribute to the RISOs and departments. (So there is more opportunities for funding in the beginning of each semester)
  • Maximum of $500/semester can be requested by a RISO
  • Maximum of $300/event with a total maximum of $1200/semester can be requested by campus departments


  • Requests must be submitted at least 45 days prior to event date
  • A representative from the organization  must attend the B&F meeting and can only be the Advisor, Division Chair, or the requestor
  • B&F will inform the organization within 2 weeks of submission date if their request or portion of their requests has been approved or denied
  • The Final Budget Form, Reimbursement/Purchase Order Form, and event flyer must be submitted 30 days prior to the event
  • All receipts must be submitted 3 days after the event date to the Student Life Office

B&F uses the following criteria in determining where funds are to be allocated:

  • Importance of activity to the Leeward campus, groups, and individual students
  • Degree of planning and prospects for success
  • Whether the group has used funds responsibly in the past

Submission of funding requests:

  • The B&F Chair will email requestors within 2 days of the submitted request and determine a meeting time that will be held within 7 days via zoom. 


  • Read and understand the User Agreement Document before submitting the Funding Application
  • Attend the Scheduled B&F Meeting
    • At the meeting you will be given 15 minutes to present your funding proposal and answer questions the committee may have
  • Within one week B&F will inform you of their decision to partially fund, fully fund, or deny your request

Budget and Finance Committee has no obligation to fund any group