Budget & Finance Forms


There are several forms that your organization needs to fill out to expedite the funding process ONCE YOU'RE APPROVED BY B&F. The forms are in order of submission.

Submit 30 days before event:

Final Budget Form: Must sign and submit to the Student Life Office.

After you receive the email from the B&F Chair indicating what the committee approved, your organization must submit this form to start processing the request. This is the detailed information of what you will purchase now that your organization knows the amount you’ve been approved for. Remember you MUST submit an event flyer. A draft of a flyer is accepted.

Submit at least 30 days before event:

Purchase Order Form

If you want to pay with a purchase order please download and fill out the form and submit to the Student Life Office or email the B&F Chair.

Please note that all PO’s will be mailed, unless specified in the “special instructions” area that you want to hand deliver.

Please make sure the vendor takes purchase orders.
Please download the Vendors that take PO's list to expedite your vendor search. Thank you.

Reimbursement Form

Filling out this form will help expedite the process of getting your purchases pre-approved. You CANNOT purchase items until the B&F Chair informs you via email to the requestor that you’ve been approved. If you purchase items BEFORE you're pre-approved then you will not get reimbursed

download purchase order - reimbursement form

Honorarium Forms:

Honorariums must be for Non UH employees/students.  If they are being paid as an individual they will complete the WH-1 form and the non employee invoice form below.  If they are being paid as a business/company they will complete they W-9 form and the non employee invoice form.


Submit 3 business days after event:

Prize Recipient and Food  Form

If your organization received funding for prizes (gift cards, raffle give aways, etc)  and food you must get the following information from EACH winner. Please download the forms and bring it with you to your event. Information must be accurate.

download form

Please download the Food Recipient Form below