Budget & Finance Committee


Spring 2020 Semester Meetings:

B&F will meet every Thursday from 1pm - 2:30pm in Senate Chambers.

The Budget and Finance Committee (B&F) is a sub-committee of the ASUH-Leeward CC Student Government. This committee focuses on properly allocating funding to student organizations and campus departments in co-sponsoring their events/programs to educate and provide social and learning programs outside of the classroom.  B&F was established to appropriately allocate student fees to RISOs and campus divisions in a fair and organized process.

If interested in being a part of this committee please contact Lexer Chou, achou@hawaii.edu


Available funds: $5,000/semester

Maximum RISO request/semester: $500

Maximum Campus Divisions request/semester: $1200/semester with a max of $300 per event

B&F uses the following criteria in determining where funds are to be allocated:

  • Importance of activity to the Leeward campus, groups, and individual students

  • Degree of planning and prospects for success

  • Whether the group has used funds responsibly in the past

Money will not be granted for the following:

  • Advance payment for vendors

  • Class assignments

  • Alcohol (in any capacity)

  • Raffle ticket sale

  • Events not open to all Leeward CC students

  • Furniture/large equipment purchases

  • Gifts/payments for university employees including staff, faculty, and/or students

  • Gifts for Non-university employees

  • Payment toward organization debt

  • Payment toward organization members for services rendered

  • Past expenditures

  • Scholarships

  • Applications missing supporting documents

  • Requests not in compliance with B&F guidelines and procedures

  • Unsigned, handwritten applications

  • RISOs un-registered, non-compliant, and/or on-hold with the Student Life Office

  • Travel Expenses (Exception:  UH sponsored events)