Mana Automotive Club

Mana Automotive Club

Advisor Name:  Kelton Taniguchi


Phone: 455-0487

Room: ET 116C

To inspire and nurture Automotive students who has strong passion in the Automotive Repair and Services.

Club Mission:

Taking learning and professional development beyond classroom environment to better prepare for a prosperous future. Mana Automotive Club continues to strive for excellence by expanding automotive repair knowledge and technical skills through group projects, fundraising and community/social events.


The purpose of this organization is to reinforce automotive skills recent learned from Automotive College program from basic automotive services to maintenance and repair.

To inspire its members in expanding their automotive knowledge and skills by participating in various club automotive projects and fundraising such as full restoration of basic model vehicle to full restoration and customization of classic vehicle and/or car show to car wash fundraising. With majority vote, its members have full capacity of choosing the type of project to work on in any given time.

To encourage its members to share and exchange ideas or experiences through group discussion, study and publications while foster personal and professional development with positive and can do attitude.

To set a high standard of personal and professional conduct while serving in leadership positions or providing a sense of accountability and responsibility as a member while serving in a collaborative and productive member of an organization.

To expose its members to the automotive industry by providing contacts and opportunities through club sponsorship and business affiliation for concurrent or future employment.

To contribute to statewide community by participating on island/state wide community services, beautifying and making our islands a better place to live and prosper.

To promote Leeward Community College automotive program by participating in various local events but not limited to, such as festivals, parade, and sponsoring events from car shows to auto buildup contest etc.


Mana Automotive Club is categorized as:







Support Group


Member Requirements:

Active members shall be those students/persons who participate in club activities and attend meetings on a regular basis. These members shall have full voting rights at all club meetings. Only members in attendance at the meetings will be able to vote. There is no absentee voting right. Majority votes will be exercised in all matters pertaining to all club activities and projects.