Ceramic Club

Advisor Name: Shigeru Miyamoto
Advisor Contact Email: shigerum@hawaii.edu
Advisor Contact Room: FA 103
Advisor Contact Extension: 455-0371
The Ceramic Club was created for students who are interested in further developing their interest and skills in ceramics and art. It offers a place and time to research and have discussions on historical and contemporary ceramics. The group also has discussions on various ceramic artist, whether local, mainland or international. With the local artist, the group decides if they would like someone they are interested in to come in and do a lecture or demonstration. To get a feel and understanding of how their work would be received by the public, the Ceramic Club would do one or two ceramic sales on campus during the year. This would provide marketing skills and contact with the public. The proceeds from the sale would go towards a fund to pay for visiting artist and specialty tools the students would like for the studio.
Categories: Educational
Member requirements:

The membership of this organization shall consist of students enrolled in ceramic art courses at Leeward Community College (ART 105B, ART 105C, ART 116, ART 243, ART 244).