Scantron Service

The Student Government is proud to announce the start of our new service for scantrons! We started this service so that students would be able to get free scantrons instead of having to purchase a pack of scantrons when you only need one. Swing by our office that’s located at Campus Center 205 next to the Student Lounge, and present a valid student ID card. Tell us which class you are getting the scantron for and you’ll receive one scantron per exam. Check out our hours for when we’re in our office so you can get your scantron.

The scantrons come from divisions who generously donated them to us. They also come from students who purchased them, but didn’t need to use them. This service isn’t permanent because it’s based on donation of scantrons. If you have extra ones and aren’t planning on using them, please donate your scantrons to us so that another student can use them. Let’s keep the service going!