Recycling Bins

Hey did you see them!? Did you see them!? The recycling bins have finally arrived at Leeward! The Student Government is so overjoyed because we’ve been pushing for recycling bins for about 3 years and we’ve finally achieved this goal!

Although Student Government had done research and talked about these bins many times, we couldn’t have done it without the help of administration. Much praise goes to Vice Chancellor, Mark Lane, and his staff Joy Soma and Sandy Maeda for doing much of the research and paperwork to attain these bins. Without their help, these bins would never have been procured.

We also thank the students for supporting us and showing great concern for these recycle bins. Had the students not shown interest then we wouldn’t have pushed so hard for these bins.

Now that we have a more eco-friendly campus, please make sure to dispose the recyclable elements in the proper bins as well as disposing the non-recyclable elements in the rubbish bins. Thank you for all your support!