To all students, Student Government needs your help! Graduation is upon us and many of our members are moving on with their education. We need students who are able and willing to voice the opinion of their fellow students. Student Government is more than just a body of students. It’s a body of student leaders whose interest and goal are to better the service of students here at Leeward. Leeward is fortunate to have faculty and staff who are more than willing to listen to the voice of the students so servicing students becomes a fairly simple matter.  Administration has also granted permission for Student Government members to sit on many of their committees which allows us to further our impact on student services.

Applications to join Student Government are being accepted till Friday, March 21. If you’re interested in joining please fill out the app below and email it to Amanda Bird at birda@hawaii.edu. Elections will be held on April 1-3.

If you don't plan on joining the board, then please consider joining either Student Activities Board (SAB) or the Budget and Finance committee (B&F). Each of the two have a major impact on students' lives at Leeward. Visit their pages to get more info!

As for the rest of you, we encourage you to go to the voting stations on April 1-3.Your vote really does make a big difference. It shows that the student body really does care about who their representatives are. Click on the link below to go to the voting polls.


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