Student Government

Associated Students of University of Hawai‘i -Leeward Community College (ASUH-Leeward CC)
Campus Center Building, 2nd floor next to the Student Lounge

Phone: 455-0560
Office Hours: TBD



ASUH-Leeward CC is governed by an Executive Board comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They oversee five Senators who were elected by the Associated Students of Leeward CC. Student Government represents the Associated Students of Leeward CC to administration and system-wide. They advocate for students concerns and needs. Their major responsibilities include the budgeting and management of the student activities fees, advocating student needs at the campus and system level, and the establishing of policies and programs for students.

Terms of all offices are for one year. The ASUH-Leeward CC Constitution allows students with a GPA of 2.0 or better to run for office. All students are eligible (and encouraged) to vote.

Please visit the office if you have questions or concerns.  Please check here for updates.


To all students, Student Government needs your help! Graduation is upon us and many of our members are moving on with their education. We need students who are able and willing to voice the opinion of their fellow students. Student Government is more than just a body of students. It’s a body of student leaders whose interest and goal are to better the service of students here at Leeward. Leeward is fortunate to have faculty and staff who are more than willing to listen to the voice of the students so servicing students becomes a fairly simple matter.  Administration has also granted permission for Student Government members to sit on many of their committees which allows us to further our impact on student services.

Recycling Bins

Hey did you see them!? Did you see them!? The recycling bins have finally arrived at Leeward! The Student Government is so overjoyed because we’ve been pushing for recycling bins for about 3 years and we’ve finally achieved this goal!

Although Student Government had done research and talked about these bins many times, we couldn’t have done it without the help of administration. Much praise goes to Vice Chancellor, Mark Lane, and his staff Joy Soma and Sandy Maeda for doing much of the research and paperwork to attain these bins. Without their help, these bins would never have been procured.

We also thank the students for supporting us and showing great concern for these recycle bins. Had the students not shown interest then we wouldn’t have pushed so hard for these bins.

Scantron Service

The Student Government is proud to announce the start of our new service for scantrons! We started this service so that students would be able to get free scantrons instead of having to purchase a pack of scantrons when you only need one. Swing by our office that’s located at Campus Center 205 next to the Student Lounge, and present a valid student ID card. Tell us which class you are getting the scantron for and you’ll receive one scantron per exam. Check out our hours for when we’re in our office so you can get your scantron.

The scantrons come from divisions who generously donated them to us. They also come from students who purchased them, but didn’t need to use them. This service isn’t permanent because it’s based on donation of scantrons. If you have extra ones and aren’t planning on using them, please donate your scantrons to us so that another student can use them. Let’s keep the service going!

Aloha Students!

Aloha Students of Leeward! Welcome back to another exciting semester of college. Hope you all had a great summer! To all those students who took summer classes, we give you kudos for hanging in there. Hopefully by now you were able to enjoy the rest of your break and are ready for the fall semester. 

Security Survey

What do you think of our security around the campus? Tell us how you feel by clicking on the link  to our survey below and filling it out!

Security Survey


Comments and Initiatives from the Student Government Talk Story Session

From the ASUH-Leeward Community College Student Government,

Aloha and Mahalo to all the students who came out to the Student Government Talk Story Session that was held on October 17th, 2012. Thanks to your participation not in just this event, but in other events, Student Government and Student Life received a commendation from the accreditation team for our work here at Leeward Community College. This would not have been possible if all of you had not participated in our activities. Your attendance gives us confidence that our work is reflecting student’ opinions rather than our own ideals.

For those who participated in our Talk Story Session, here is the list of comments that were expressed and the initiatives that Student Government will take in Spring 2013.


Improving Leeward from Within

Accreditation... what is it? As a high school student, you might have heard the word accreditation, but you might not have understood what it exactly does for you when it comes to your education. It's now time for you to know what accreditation is all about.

Accreditation is more than just a word, it's a grading of a college's/ school's credibility. A college wants to keep it's credibility in order to receive more money from the government and to get more students to come to its campus rather than a different college. Why is this relevant to you? There are a couple reasons to why accreditation is important to you as students. First off, if a college is found to be credible, then it will allow them to offer more classes than a non-accredited college. The second reason is the most important part of accreditation for students. A student who graduates from a credible college is able to get into any college of the their choice.


February 28 & March 2, 2017 Minutes are posted!

Hey! Check out the minutes from our weekly meetings! 



Remembering 9/11

For the last 200 years America suffered various attacks and has been a victim of terrorism in many instances.  Terrorism has been used to achieve political ends and has developed as a tool for liberation, oppression and international global politics.  It’s an instrument for religious and political extremisms and hate that justifies the use of terror by agitators.  Specifically, in the last 100 yrs, we suffered the attack on American soil in 1941 with the bombing of Pearl Harbor by an extremist political entity causing us to go to war and afterwards…..America came back.  Between the ‘60’s and 80’s terrorism was used to expose a personal cause and further issues for a specific movement.  The World Trade Center in ’1993, US military HQ’s in Saudi Arabia in 1996, a temple in Kenya Africa in 1998, and 2 U. S.

SG Members

If interested in being a part of Student Government please download the form and email it to Lexer Chou,


President: Raezheen Pascua

Vice President: Joshua Fukumoto

Designated Smoking Areas

Designated Smoking Areas

 Smoke in designate smoking areas only.
This includes E-Cigs

Please refer to the attached map.



Senate Meetings

Meetings are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am - 9am in the Senate Chambers.

The Student Government Senators and the Advisor meet once a week to discuss current student issues and figure out solutions. The first hour of the meeting is open for all students, faculty, and staff to attend the meeting and provide feedback, suggestions, or voice concerns.

If you are a student please stop by the meetings and let us know what changes you would like to see on campus.


Office Hours


Student Government will be in their office, Campus Center 205 during the following hours below. Student Government would like to be physically present in their office at all times, however due to students' class and work schedules the office can only be staffed during the below times. If you have questions or concerns please email or leave a comment on our suggestion card outside of the office.

Spring 2017 Office Hours:

Mission Statement

We, the ASUH Leeward Community College Student Government, advocate and strive to represent the student body with leadership, honesty, and integrity while providing a positive learning experience and promoting active participation from student and the community.



We, the students of the University o f Hawai‘i-Leeward Community College, by the authority of

the Board of Regents of the University of Hawai‘i, in order to serve the needs, promote the

welfare, encourage the active participation, and democratically represent a body of students

within a curricular atmosphere, do hereby establish this Constitution and Operating Rules for the

students of the University Hawai‘i-Leeward Community College.