Student Government

Associated Students of University of Hawai‘i -Leeward Community College (ASUH-Leeward CC)
Campus Center Building, 2nd floor next to the Student Lounge

Phone: 455-0560
Office Hours: TBD



ASUH-Leeward CC is governed by an Executive Board comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They oversee five Senators who were elected by the Associated Students of Leeward CC. Student Government represents the Associated Students of Leeward CC to administration and system-wide. They advocate for students concerns and needs. Their major responsibilities include the budgeting and management of the student activities fees, advocating student needs at the campus and system level, and the establishing of policies and programs for students.

Terms of all offices are for one year. The ASUH-Leeward CC Constitution allows students with a GPA of 2.0 or better to run for office. All students are eligible (and encouraged) to vote.

Please visit the office if you have questions or concerns.  Please check here for updates.

Aloha Students!

Aloha Students of Leeward! Welcome back to another exciting semester of college. Hope you all had a great summer! To all those students who took summer classes, we give you kudos for hanging in there. Hopefully by now you were able to enjoy the rest of your break and are ready for the fall semester. 

SG Members

If interested in being a part of Student Government please download the form and email it to Lexer Chou,


President: Kristina Nip

Vice President: Marc Earley

Treasurer: Rawley Riccio

Designated Smoking Areas

Designated Smoking Areas

 Smoke in designate smoking areas only.
This includes E-Cigs

Please refer to the attached map.



Senate Meetings

Meetings are held on Thursdays from 3pm - 5:30pm in the Senate Chambers.

The Student Government Senators and the Advisor meet once a week to discuss current student issues and figure out solutions. The first hour of the meeting is open for all students, faculty, and staff to attend the meeting and provide feedback, suggestions, or voice concerns.

If you are a student please stop by the meetings and let us know what changes you would like to see on campus.


Office Hours


Student Government will be in their office, Campus Center 205 during the following hours below. Student Government would like to be physically present in their office at all times, however due to students' class and work schedules the office can only be staffed during the below times. If you have questions or concerns please email or leave a comment on our suggestion card outside of the office.

Spring 2018 Office Hours: TBD



Mission Statement

We, the ASUH Leeward Community College Student Government, advocate and strive to represent the student body with leadership, honesty, and integrity while providing a positive learning experience and promoting active participation from student and the community.


The 2017-2018 Student Government advocate and strive to improve our students’ higher education experience by providing accessible resources, opportunities, and amenities that will support a positive learning environment, with a special commitment to the Wai`anae Moku students and campus.


Their top three goals are to improvement the ease of transportation/parking for campuses, increase resources and amenities to the Wai‘anae Moku campus, and be the central resource center for our students.




We, the students of the University o f Hawai‘i-Leeward Community College, by the authority of

the Board of Regents of the University of Hawai‘i, in order to serve the needs, promote the

welfare, encourage the active participation, and democratically represent a body of students

within a curricular atmosphere, do hereby establish this Constitution and Operating Rules for the

students of the University Hawai‘i-Leeward Community College.