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Mission Statement:

IM LeeSports provide students opportunities by engaging in organized sports to grow, learn, and develop respect for others through a positive experience. 

Tell your students - Tell your friends - Spread the word - The Student Life Office is proud to announce the continuation from Fall 2011, the Leeward CC IM LeeSports Program: intramural sports.

The Student Life Office provides our own sports leagues on campus.  For more information please scroll to the Leeward CC Sports page.

If you have any questions please email:

Here's your IM LeeSports Team!

Loren, Roblyt, Tyler, Nala, Ransen: Not pictured: Myra



Nala, Loren, Roblyt, Myra, Tyler

Intramural Flag Football

The Fall 2014 intramural flag football season has come to a close. It was a great season with awesome moments. We as staff members of IM LeeSports would like to thank all of the players and advisors who helped make all of this possible, without you none of this would happen. Remember that there is always next intramural flag football season in the Fall, so stay tuned. 


Championship Playoff Results:

1st Place - Team KCC

IM LeeSports League Soccer Tournament

Hey everyone!

Flag Football Updates

Our regular season ended this past Sunday for Flag Football.  Playoffs begin tomorrow and the Leeward D's are up first.  The Leeward D's and Leeward Kick A's are both in the Friendship Bowl and Leeward Sharks are in the Championship Bowl.  They Kick A's won't be playing their first playoff game until next week Monday, October 28th.  And Leeward Sharks will be playing their first playoff game on Tuesday, October 29th.  All our teams have been working hard all season long to represent Leeward well.  Regardless of what happens in playoffs all our teams should know that we are very proud of them.  All their efforts throughout the season, playing through injuries, bad calls, taunting, dirty plays, etc. is way more than we could ask for.  We are so proud to have all of you representing Leeward so well.  Thank you for all your hardwork and keep it up!  Good luck guys! We'll be cheering for you all the way!

Basketball Updates

Our regular season for Basketball ended last week and Playoffs started last night.  Our two 5'10 and over teams, Leeward 3Hunna and Leeward Thunder played last night.  Unfortunately Leeward 3Hunna came up short with a loss 36-55 and ended their season with a record of 3 wins and 2 losses. Playoffs are single elimination so unfortunately they're out. But, that's okay though guys we're still proud of you! You guys did well all season and hopefully we'll see you guys again next semester! Leeward Thunder won their game 49-39 advancing their record to 4 wins and 1 loss. It was a very close and exciting game!

Upcoming Sports

Hey everyone, sorry it's been a while!  Hope everyone's been doing well in school.  Our Manoa sports are coming to an end as they are all in playoffs now.  Soccer and Volleyball are the next sports coming up at Manoa.  Unfortunately, we did not get enough students to sign up for Volleyball so we decided to disband the team.  Soccer however, we have 3 teams! We are still looking for just a little more players to fill our third team.  So if you or anyone you know are interested in playing please stop by the Student Life Office in room AD 223 to sign up.  We also just ended Dodgeball last week so we are now preparing to start the next on campus sport.  Which will be Volleyball! We will be playing every Thursday from 1pm - 3pm at Tuthil Courtyard starting on November 7th.  Please stop by the Student Life Office in room AD 223 to sign up!

Game Recaps

Hey Everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  The Leeward Basketball and Flag Football teams playing in the UH Manoa intramural league has just officailly completed it's first week of the season!  Everyone's season opener games went great and everyone had a blast playing!  Here's a litle recap of the games we played this past week:

Flag Football and Basketball Update

Hey everyone! Right now we are preparing for the Flag Football and Basketball seasons that will be played at UH Manoa.  This year the turn out has been amazing so far!  We have two teams for Flag Football, two teams for Basketball Mens 5'10" and under, one team for Basketball Mens 5'10" and under, and one team for Basketball Womens league.  If you are interested, we are still accepting applicants, especially for the Womens Basketball team. Please stop by our Student Life Office in room AD223B to sign up!  

    Some updates for Flag Football and Basketball:  

Welcome Back!

Hey everyone!!  Hope you all are enjoying your first week back to school.  I know a lot of you are bummed that summer is over, but don't worry IM LeeSports is here to keep that fun summer feeling alive!!  We have a lot of diffrent fun and exciting sports this fall semester.  We have Flag Football ( Coed 7 vs. 7), Basketball (Mens 5'10" and over, Mens 5'10" and under, Womens league), Soccer (Coed 11 vs 11), Volleyball (Mens league, Womens league, 6 vs 6) that will be played in the UH Manoa Intramural leagues.  We also have Dodgeball (Coed, tournament style) and Volleyball (Coed, 6 vs 6) that will be played here at Leeward.  But don't worry they aren't all going to be played at the same time, we have them spread out throughout the semester.

Soccer at Tuthill Courtyard

Tuthill Courtyard on the Leward campus is a venue for many intramural sports. Volleyball, dodgeball, and now soccer. It has been great  fun and is still going on every Wednesday between 2-4pm. We invite all students to sign up and join in. We start setting up at 1pm. Even some of the IM Lee Sports team have been playing, including yours truly, Chris. The games have been competitive yet friendly. As always, IM Lee Sports is commited to keeping the students active and involved in sports and the healthy lifestyle that comes with it. Please let us know what sports you are interested in playing for Fall 2013. Contact us at with your suggestions.

Leeward Tropics; Undermanned and Overpowering

The UH Manoa basketball intramurals are under way and our own Leeward Tropics are off to a hot start. They are now 2-0 and had a dominating performance against Shidler MBA, winning 54-8. Our own IM Lee Sports team member Siti Tino stepped up and played every minute of the first two games. This is a coed league, so there must be two girls on the court at all times. We only have three, Siti, Tearra Maxberry, and Tiana Fernandez. Trevor Ellis, Walter Battle, Tyrell Gentry, Cozia "Z" Chapman Jr., Robert Gumapac complete the squad. Our go to guys are Tyrell and Z. Their agressive ball and rim attacking style are too much for the competition to handle. Tyrell is also a gifted outside shooter, and Z is just too quick for the opposition. Robert, Trevor, and Walter are the workhorses securing rebounds and causing havoc inside. Tiana had a great last game scoring inside even though she was being roughed up.

Dodgeball Tournament

Our first weekly Dodgeball tournament was a success! Thanks to all the students for showing up and having so much fun. We will be implementing some new rules and games. These are a list of games that Noura Takeda was so helpful in compiling for us. We will explain the rules for every game before the start of that particuliar game. Dodgeball Rules & Alternate Games Common rules:-Main way to start the game is to place the balls in the middle and players run in, only aloud to throw when they reach the back of the line.- Two ways to get out, you get hit, or someone catches your throw.

Fall Intramurals; A Look Back

The Fall Intramurals season was filled with highs and lows. Our flag football teams got off to a rough start. They persevered, and because of their great sportsmanship both teams qualified for playoffs. They both lost in the first round but not without putting up a fight. Bad Boyz and Blackflag showed up for every game, and in a head to head matchup Blackflag prevailed for the” Leeward Championship”.

We also had two Basketball teams the Leeward Tropics and the Ringers. They were in two leagues 5’10” and over and 5’10” and under respectively. They made a run to the playoffs but failed to advance.

Leeward Mousketeers Soccer is a Force at UH Manoa

The IM Lee Sports soccer team is" bringing it" to the UH Manoa campus. The season started off with a dissapointing loss, but how things have changed since that first game. They won the next two games 7-3 and 4-0.

Ari and Sarah are tough defenders and are not to be underestimated. Jamal is our consensus MVP of every game, it makes him happy so even if someone else is MVP we vote for him anyway! All jokes aside, the team is coming together with teamwork and precision. Patrick, Ethan, Mario, Mutasem, Jason, and Dubi are tough to defend. Derek is the big in the middle causing havoc. The staff of IM Lee Sports and the students of Leeward are rooting for you to go all the way!


Stay updated on the scores!

For updates on scores please check the FB page:


Leeward's Volleyball League!

Our awesome Volleyball Teams!


Fill out, print, sign, and return the completed form(s) to the Student Life Office before registration deadlines.

Waiver forms must be submitted.  Students only need to fill out one Master Waiver Form for the year, please download the form below and submit it to AD 223B (Student Life Office). 

You can sign up for each individual sport for both leagues here:


UH Manoa Sports

Leagues: General Information

Fall 2013 

Flag Football

Basketball (5'10 & Under, Over 5'10", Womens)

Volleyball (Men's, Women's, Coed)

IM LeeSports

IM LeeSports is brought to you by Student Life since Fall 2011! Last semester approximately 120 students were involved in the Leeward sports league.

Our mission is to provide students opportunities by engaging in organized sports to grow, learn, and develop respect for others through a positive experience.